As developer, sometimes I need to send patch files to my client. Sometimes my client reported me there was a bug in software I made and unfortunately they can’t access to my repository. I must send the patch files manually.

Previously I copy them one by one into separate folder and send the patch folder to my client. But this way is so boring. Moreover if there are many files in a nested folder. Using git status, actually I can easily know where files I have to send but copy them one by one make me crazy. So I create a small application that works like this:

  1. Using git status, list patch files
  2. Copy the list patch into a text files ex: patch.txt.
  3. Run java Main from the copyPatch application.
  4. All patch files should be in patch folder.
  5. Send the patch folder to happy client 😀

If you need like what I need, you can try it at