Terbaru dari Google, Google App Engine, kayaknya sih bakalan jadi kos-kosan 😀 (kata hananto setelah kuliah KPB tadi) tapi kos-kosan untuk aplikasi.

  • Write code once and deploy. Provisioning and configuring multiple machines for web serving and data storage can be expensive and time consuming. Google App Engine makes it easier to deploy web applications by dynamically providing computing resources as they are needed. Developers write the code, and Google App Engine takes care of the rest.
  • Absorb spikes in traffic. When a web app surges in popularity, the sudden increase in traffic can be overwhelming for applications of all sizes, from startups to large companies that find themselves rearchitecting their databases and entire systems several times a year. With automatic replication and load balancing, Google App Engine makes it easier to scale from one user to one million by taking advantage of Bigtable and other components of Google’s scalable infrastructure.
  • Easily integrate with other Google services. It’s unnecessary and inefficient for developers to write components like authentication and e-mail from scratch for each new application. Developers using Google App Engine can make use of built-in components and Google’s broader library of APIs that provide plug-and-play functionality for simple but important features.

Wew, coba dari dulu 😀 bisa jadi topik TA nih hehehe…, oh ya ada yang minta bantuan 😀 lihat di sini, sekarang khan google app enginenya cuman bisa phyton nah ini gimana php juga bisa ada :d.

Ok deh, yang butuh topik TA semoga bermanfaat, entar sharing-sharing ya…

NB: beuh… android aja belum nyobain dah ada yang baru, bener-bener terus berkembang dan berinovasi si mbah google ini.