Hem… i want to make a report about my PPL (Proyek Perangkat Lunak). In this semester, we built a software repository software called ‘Waroeng’ with our slogan ‘Cem Mak Mak’, actually I don’t know what the meaning is… but just use it :D…

Ok, let’s start to tell my opinon for each member:

  • Triaji, team leader
    Actually he has a good ability to lead, he is the (ex) leader GAMAIS, Keluarga Mahasiswa Islam ITB. From his position, you won’t doubt him. But he is too busy, so when a leader was needed, he wasn’t there. Hem.. i want to tell something to him, try to join the programmer, you’ll find many wonderfull things and technical skill is important too, you can’t lead any programmer if you don’t know anything about how to code. Hehehe just my opinion, because I like coding so much :P.
  • Ilham, documentator
    The same as Aji, Ilham is an activist too. He has many tasks to do. But i was so apreciated with his spirit to do the documention. Untill now, I still don’t have a good ability in making report. I remembered whe Ilham didn’t enter the class just to finish the documentation. I like your spirit, but why do you get sleep to easy when we were working?
  • Yudi, programmer
    There is no much words about Yudi, the second best programmer I ever work with. How Yudi solved the algorithm to make our software so sophisticated. I want to work with you again, hehehe we have project in our holiday :P, prepare ourself.
  • Bayu, programmer and designer
    The machine diesel hehehe… He is the best teammate I ever had. He has a good stamina to code, don’t care about how much code he should write. But, he is machine diesel, slow to get the performace, but if he gets his performance, no one and nothing can stop him. We will have our own company coz we are the same baker, the same gamer and the same javanese wkwkwk. Hem… stop playing php everytime, let’s get new challenges. Do you want to try java and oracle? But install your linux first… but actually I like your windows which has many utilities. It’s eye caching, how do you make it?
  • Azman, programmer
    I like his spirit to keep improving. But, in this project he can’t show his performance well, because he has a big responsibilies now. Azman, if you want to get improving well, please stop too get respect to the others, get your confidence. Hem, I hope your son will be born in July hehehe so he or she will have the same birth month with me hehehe.. do you want to name him inoex? hehehehe. Oh before I forget, cakephp will be a good way to get money hehehe… master it!
  • Me, system analist and programmer
    Still like before, never completed my tasks without any problem. In this project my performance was not so good. I talked too much, couldn’t control my emosion, got boring with the documentation, and the other problem. I got stuck with the ideas. I want to thank to yudi that he remembered me when I got anger because of the team condition. If only I can control my emosion, I believe my team is the best.

From this project I got many correction to improve myself. I know my weakness such as a labil emotion when got stuck, and my leadership still bad. Yeah, I must keep improving.

Anyway, It’s not bad I think, started with no knowledge about JSP and Struts, we could built a software using JSP and struts well, only the documentation is not as good as the software. But we were boosted. Thanks to our dozen, especially Arya who always make us become ‘chicken’, make us, me especially, want to change your opinion about our team. When you teach us not the same as the other teams. We got some special treatment from you. Mr. Adi Nugroho who often asked our condition in team, thanks you heard my bad experience with the project management. Thanks to UKA Comlabs who lent the room for us to work.

My friends, I hope this project is not our last chance to work together. Let’s built our own company, I told you my plan abaout the open source software, are you interested? If yes, let’s start now :D. I’m sorry if in this semester I often got angry, didn’t accompalish my task well, or make you disappointed. I’m not as good as you think. Thanks for the chance, thanks for these experiences, thanks for the friendship.

Wew, back to work then…