Hem… today there are many Operating System (OS), free (linux, freebsd), windows (you must pay it to use it!) and mac (pay the computer). Which one is better?

Now, I use two operating system, Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP 2. Mostly I use ubuntu, but I still need .NET because of that I need windows (I still can’t use mono >_< don’t know why my program can’t be launched). Yesterday I read linux-blog.org I don’t know what the meaning exactly, but in my opinion, you should become a fanatic, just become an ordinary people. Let’s OS become like it this, as a bridge between aplication and hardware. Without OS softaware can’t be run. Without OS best hardware just become thrash.

Why do I use ubuntu? Because Ubuntu is an OS that I can use freely (I don’t need to pay any money, but now I get some money :D), It’s easy to use and I have friends, even I don’t know them but I know they are good people. Actually I don’t care which is the best one, but as long I can code (I’m a freelance programmer, hehehe my friends have a moto “ready to code for money” :D, but i “ready to code for fun“, yeah coding is fun), I’ll use it.

Two software I use most today are netbeans and zend studio, netbeans to code java and zend to code php. So, just choose your OS based on your need. If you are a gamer windows still the best, but if you want to learn or study, linux and unix based OS will be a good choice I think, because you can’t use it as easy as windows, you need to learn it.

So just not become an OS fanatic ! 😀