Last night i want to know what is the difference between them, of course i want to know which one is better. Here some information i got when I search the difference between KDE and Gnome:


  • Eyecandy because it has features like window transparency, shadows, animated things, etc.


  • It is more lightweight. It still has quite a lot of eye candy, but I find it quicker, easier and simpler.
  • It is also more stable

Another difference not only KDE vs Gnome but also other desktop environment in hardware:

Desktop Required RAM Required CPU
fluxbox/idesk 48 100 MHz
XFCE4 128 200 MHz
Gnome 1.x 256 500 MHz
Gnome 2.x 384 800 MHz
KDE 3.x 512 1 GHz

Last night, my friend (not friend actually, he is my brother) who try Ubuntu. Then He installed KDE but the performance is poor, to launch an aplication needs time more than if he was using Gnome.

The final conclusion still let the user choose what desktop environment he want to use (what a bad answer i think, there is no sure).